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Don't hesitate to help yourself with our practical guide enumerating the places of interest in Mauritius and organize your stay and your visits.
L'île aux Cerfs

A superb island on the east coast, at 20 mn. by boat of Trou d'Eau Douce; equipped for all water sports and diving, and with 2 restaurants.

For those seeking calm and quietness, they should not hesitate to move away from the main embankment to discover the most isolated beaches.

We advise you do the complete excursion: Ile aux Cerfs (Deer Island) and Grande Rivière Sud Est, organized by Boat Vicky with frequent departures from Trou d'Eau Douce, and the superb grills on the beach accompanied by music to the rhythm of the "ravanes" (Mauritian drums).

Tel/Fax (230) 419.2902

Off the village of Case Noyale, adventure along a winding road for about ten minutes till you reach a small hill of wonders: undulating landscape of multicoloured earth of contrasting shades of colours. Different shades of blue, red, yellow, ochre and violet ... apparently the result of erosion from volcanic ash.

Along the course, to your right, you will be able to admire a magnificent site: the waterfalls of Chamarel that come with strength out of abundant vegetation.

Typical Mauritian cuisine can be enjoyed at some «table d’hôtes» in the Chamarel Village.
An advice: it's better to visit Chamarel in the morning.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

One of the most famous botanical gardens of the world. Currently, it covers a surface of 26 hectares and accounts for over 600 species of plants. It is known by botanists from all over the world for growing the most important collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including the giant water lilies "Victoria Regia ", a spice garden, and 200 species of palms.

The Pamplemousses Garden was created under the initiative of Mahé de Labourdonnais (1699-1753). Surrounded with a much worked iron-forged gate, his old french mansion, Château Mon Plaisir, conveys a historical atmosphere. Mahé de Labourdonnais grew plants, trees and spices in this garden; and, later on, Pierre Poivre, governor of Île de France (Mauritius) and Bourbon (Reunion Island), also made tests to grow spices.

Deers and tortoises can be seen in the garden.

Royal Road, Pamplemousses - At 12 mm of Port Louis, North direction
Open from 6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Free entry.
Tel: (230) 243.3531
Le Domaine des Pailles

At a stone's throw from Port Louis lies the Domaine Les Pailles, a nature park spreading over 3,000 acres at the foot of Le Morne mountain where visitors will be able to discover some old ways of living in an enchanting environment.

It provides ample opportunity to become acquainted with the islanders' daily life in the past. In this magnificent natural setting you can visit an old reconstructed sugar mill still used to produce rhum. You can explore the domain on foot - especially the spice garden - or, alternatively, on horseback. There are also possibilities of driving in Land Rovers in the mountains where deer, monkeys and rare birds live harmoniously.

Domaine Les Pailles offers a wide range of facilities: a gastronomic restaurant"Fouquet's Mauritius", a less formal restaurant "La Cannelle Rouge", an Indian restaurant "Indra", an exclusive Chinese Cuisine "Fu Xiao", a pizzeria, a swimming pool, a mini-golf and a Casino.

Open everyday from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
Free entry, paying walks.
La Maison Créole Euréka

An old Creole residence built in 1830, during the French colonial period, in the middle of a magnificent park, broadside on one hand by the cascade of River Moka and on the other by Mountain Ory. The house does count less than one hundred and nine open windows and a French garden.

Jacquy de Maroussem succeeded using patience and care for details in making it one of the fundamental stages of your Mauritian Tour discovery. In the Maison Creole, you will be surrounded henceforth with rhythms, odours and flavours of one time past.
Excellent restaurant "table d'hôtes" for lunch.

Open everyday from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m, except on Sunday
Paying entry.
Tel (230) 433.4951 - Fax (230) 211.0021
Crocodile Park de la Vanille

A crocodile farm has been arranged in a very picturesque park, in Rivière des Anguilles, in a wild South East setting of the Island, where you will be able to stroll in a forest sprinkled of clear sources and cascades. Not less than one thousand Saurians imported from Madagascar, boars, monkeys and about 500 gigantic turtles wandering free in their two-acre park.

The panels of information on the different species of animals are very clear and detailed.
A 'must-see' is the insectarium which boasts 20.000 species of insects including butterflies from all over the world. You will also discover a variety of other creatures: geckos, monkeys, Madagascan tenrecs, Java deer, fruit bats and many other species.

For your lunch break, you will be able to stop at the restaurant "Le Crocodile Affamé" (the Starved Crocodile) and taste its local cuisine and its specialty: crocodile meat.

Open everyday from 9:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m
Paying entry.
Tel (230) 626.2503. Fax (230).626.5802
Le Domaine du Chasseur

Situated in the South-East of the island, near Mahébourg, in the heart of abundant greenery, The Domaine du Chasseur covers about 1,950 acres of forest-clad slopes at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters. The Domaine is the only private domain where visitors can hunt all year long in exchange of a contribution. Hunting enables to limit the number of animals, every year 400 animals must be killed in order to maintain the harmony of the livestock.

The Domaine du Chasseur provides you with all the required equipment and will also do what is necessary so that a potential trophy (the head of the deer for instance) be sent to your place after having been stuffed and set-up (for a price of approximately Rs 4,500).
Prices range according to the stag killed. Rs 7,000 for a 1 year old male to Rs 17,000 for a big 4 years old male.

Stags, monkeys and boars live amidst the luxuriant vegetation of the hillside. One can watch a few species of endangered birds, including the Mauritian Kestrel.
The Domaine offers bungalows for rent and a restaurant with a panoramic sea view where you can enjoy a delicious meal of venison and seafood.

For more information, contact Le Domaine du Chasseur at Anse Jonchée on phone no. (230) 634.5065. Fax (230).634.5261
Naval Museum

Situated at Mahébourg at about 6km from the airport, in an old colonial-style house, the museum retraces the past century events and notably the naval battles that opposed the French and the English in the Ile de la Passe.
This beautiful 17th Century French house is listed as a National Monument.

Do not miss: the side bells of the sailboats shipwrecked victims, the documents telling the wreck of the Saint Geran on the Ambre island and the gun of Surcouf. Today, Mauritius made itself a specialty of the manufacture of models boats.

Open from 09:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m. everyday, except on Tuesday.
Free entry.

Casela "Bird Park"

Situated on the Black River locality, this immense garden with a 25 hectares surface contains 2,500 birds of more than 140 different species.

A paradise for the enthusiasts of ornithology. Among the different species of birds, one finds here the rarest of the world "le pigeon des mares " or "pink pigeon".
A very pretty setting in bloom where live turtles, lemurs, very colourful peacocks, leopards and tigers of Bengal. A pleasant jaunt between fauna and the calmness of nature, accompanied by the soft chirping of the birds.

On Tamarin road
Open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m
Paying entry.
Tel. (230) 425.0693
Port-Louis and its Market

Mahé de la Labourdonnais has founded the capital and main port of Mauritius, Port Louis. In 1735 it was a compulsory stop for all ships crossing in the mascareignes. Corsair Surcouf established his general district there during the war against the English.

Today Port Louis is the most active city, protected from winds by the mountains. It deserves a whole day of discovering: museums, mosques, markets and the small Chinatown.
One very interesting site is the Natural History Museum which is the oldest museum in Mauritius and where, among the numerous stuffed animal species, one can observe the only reproduction of the "Dodo", an enormous bird, and species of extinct gigantic gobbler, symbol of the island.
Also on displayed are birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, shells, tortoises, butterflies, corals representing the local and regional fauna.

Open Monday to Sunday: 09.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs.
Wednesday: Closed.

The central market is very characteristic, with its overflowing stalls of vegetables, fruits, smelly spices... One finds all, from the local handicraft to the Chinese alchemist who offers you every type of infusions and medicinal, aphrodisiac herbs and more.

You can admire a beautiful view of Port Louis while going up Fort Adelaide, a walled citadel that welcomes boutiques of handicraft.

For those who like the horse racing, the hippodrome of Champs de Mars, formerly used for military manoeuvres, enlivens every Saturday from May to November - Mauritians are fond of horseracing !

Around the main square, La Place d'Armes, you will be able to comptemplate the buildings of French colonial style: the Government's House, the Supreme Court and Port Louis Theatre.
In front of the Theatre is the street of the Old Council, cultural heart where you will find the Museum of the Photography and the Museum of the Masks.
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