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Undersea Walk

Mauritius is one of the rare places on earth where something that fabulous can be organized. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe the aquatic life for children and those who cannot swim. Everyone will be amazed by the different coral species shown by the guide representative, and the exotic fish will follow you as they are fed pieces of bread.

The lovely pictures taken will make this outing a day to remember. The "stroll" is done in a calm and less deep water which will enable you to take advantage of this unforgettable walk in a diving suit.

You can always ask at the boat house of your hotel. If this service is not available at the hotel, you will be recommended to some specialist.
Flying over the island by helicopter

Experience the beauty of the island and feast your eyes with enchanting sights of picture post-card transparent lagoons, pristine coastline, undulating sugar cane fields and other spectacular views.

Tours range from 15 minutes to 1 hour whereby the itinerary depends on the flight duration, helipad location and weather conditions. Customized tours can also be organized.

For all reservations, contact Air Mauritius Helicopter Services
Tel (230) 603.37.54 /55 - Fax (230) 637.41.04
Bathing Therapy

2 wonderful bathing therapy centres dedicated to beauty and well-being :

Spa Givenchy of the One & Only Le Saint Géran
The Thalassorum of Ambre Hotel

Your wedding in Mauritius

Picture the rays of a smiling sun filtering through the fronds of the overhead palms... Imagine the soothing sound of the waves lapping gently on the sands of an exotic beach. Or.... dream of sipping champagne and feeling the caress of a warm ocean breezes on your face as your boat glides silently across the sea beneath a glorious tropical evening sky.

You can turn such visions into reality, and create truly wonderful memories of one of the most important days of your life.

A wedding not like any other can also be organized by the weddings co-ordinator of the following hotels (including local administrative arrangements) :

Le Coco Beach
La Pirogue
Sugar Beach Resort
One & Only the Touessrok
One & Only the Saint Geran

For additional details, see our page : "Your dream wedding in a tropical paradise".
Or contact us for more choice at

Aquatic Safari by submarine

Enthralled by Jules Verne novels, amazed by Commandant Cousteau images or simply curious about nature, who has never dreamt about travelling one day in the deep seas?

Unique in the whole Indian Ocean, the Blue Safari 600 submarine will make your dream come true and the experience unforgettable. The marine Safari lasts for one hour. The pilot and 5 other guests are comfortably settled down in this translucent, climatic and atmospheric pressure cabin. Those visual conditions are perfect to discover and admire the awesome submarine landscapes of the island, on the outside of the lagoon.

In turn, you will be impressed by the technology of the security and the checking tools, the softness of the downhill, metre by metre, in the deep blue, the appearance of the first big fish halfway in the deepness of the sea, the gradual revelation of the bottom, of its relief and its colours will fill you with wonder.

On arriving at the bottom, like in every safari, you are surrounded by rare, beautiful species (fish or corals). It's a tropical under water paradise not to be missed. The aquatic safari by submarine.

You can also dive at night, where under the spotlight beams, the fish indulge themselves to unforgettable ballet dance.

Rs 2,000 per adult and Rs 1,500 per child for a day trip. 48 hours booking in advance - Everyday safaris, anytime of the day from 09.00 to 21.00.
Blue Safari Submarine - Grand Baie (230) 263.33.33 - Fax (230) 263.33.34

Hunting the Java's stag

Situated in the South-East of the island, near Mahébourg, in the heart of abundant greenery, The Domaine du Chasseur, is the only private domain where visitors can hunt all year long in exchange of a contribution.

The Domaine covers about 1950 acres of forest-clad slopes at an altitude of 300 to 500 meters. Hunting enables to limit the number of animals. Every year 400 animals must be killed in order to maintain the harmony of the livestock.

The Domaine du Chasseur provides you with all the required equipment and will also do what is necessary so that a potential trophy (the head of the deer for instance) be sent to your place after having been stuffed and set up (for a price of approximately Rs 4,500).

Prices range according to the stag killed. Rs 7,000 for a 1 year old male to Rs 17,000 for a big 4 years old male. For more information, contact :
Le Domaine du Chasseur at Anse Jonchée - Mahebourgh
Tel (230) 634.50.65 - Fax (230).634.52.61
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