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In Your Suitcase

Clothes / Accessories

From June to September, we recommend that you wear comfortable, loose cotton clothing for your excursions; and a jumper or sweatshirt may be required for cooler evenings.. Hotels, restaurants and casinos may require casual elegant garments for certain organized parties. However, you may want to buy some of your clothes on the island as the prices are very affordable (see "Best Buys"). Sun glasses, plastic sandals, hats, bikinis...

Payment Cards

Banks, hotels, and shops will accept the following cards : Visa, American Express, Diner's, MasterCard. And they will enable you to withdraw Rupees in any automatic cash dispensers over the island.
Medical Kit
You can travel in peace, Mauritius is a healthy destination for you and your children. You have nothing to fear, except sunburn, mosquitoes, and sharp corals. You only need a small first aid kit including plasters, insects repellent, antiseptic cream along with any prescribed medication. And do not forget sun sprays/creams. Sexually transmitted diseases (including Aids) are a serious threat to health throughout the world, although Mauritius is not affected, we advise that you exercise caution in any case.

Telephone Cards

Telephone cards can be easily found all around the island.
There is also possibility to call directly overseas from a public booth or from your hotel room by using one of the numerous telephone cards on sales.

Calls are billed either on seconds or minutes basis depending of the operator.

To call from Mauritius to England, dial 020 - 44 followed by the 9 digits number (without adding the 0)

Electric Adaptor Plugs
Power is 200 Watts. Mauritius is equipped with standard European 2 pin-plugs. And parts of the island do have UK standard 3 pin-power plugs; but you are advised to carry your travel adaptor.


It is best to bring your own camera, indeed !! However, a wide variety of films is available for purchase all over the island. There is a one hour service for your negatives in many places at lower prices than in Europe.
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