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for departure
The best way to visit the island for a day. There is no meter, so a little bit of haggling won't hurt ; otherwise you always have the option of booking your taxis via your Tour Operator (who will negotiate the prices directly with the taxis firms).

Our opinion : you won't get lost, you will be driven all around the island and if your driver is very chatty you could learn some magnificent details about Mauritius and its inhabitants.

Some prices indications in rupees (2004)
Airport > Grand Baie (one way) Rs 1300
All day long > island tour Rs 1700
Grand Baie > Port Louis (one way) Rs 550
Grand Baie > l'Ile aux cerfs (all day long ) Rs 1700
Car Hire
See Car Hire.
If you want to feel at home and be part of the Mauritian culture, then we recommend that you take the bus. You will be satisfied with the service (as you can visit the whole island by bus) ; and being on holiday you won't mind the slow drive. During peak time, buses will run every 10 minutes and a little less in off peak time. But you can wait 30 minutes or more in recluse areas. Buses run from 6.30 to 18.30 (20.00 in built-up areas). And they are quite busy. The Tourist Office will provide you with a complete timetable.
Tel : 210.15.45 in Port Louis.
Mopeds - Scooters
A cool and cheaper way to visit the island where the renting buisiness are frequent in a lot of tourist areas. Motorbike hire is very rare. You will only see the police with a motorbike of more than 70cc on the road.
A very pleasant way to discover the coastal roads in the daytime. We recommend you avoid riding at night as street lights are very few and far between.

Mountain bikes fitted with an anti-theft alarm are the most reputable on the island.
Organized Trips
Receptive agencies propose a lot of organized trips around Mauritius.

Do not hesitate to ask your Tour Operator on times and prices for half a day or a whole day discovery.
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