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Everyday Life
Although tap water is safe in hotels, we advise you to drink bottled water. You can buy the local bottled water at a very attractive price about anywhere on the island.
Power 220 watts.
The service is very efficient and reliable. A letter to Europe takes 4 to 6 days to be delivered. Stamps can only be bought at the post office, where the opening times are :
Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 11.15 and from noon to 16.00
Saturdays 8.15 to 11.45
Opening Times
Offices normally open Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 16.00.

Weekdays open from 09.00 to 17.00 (or 18.00)
Saturdays open from 09.00 to 17.00 (or 18.00)
Sundays open from 09.00 to 12.00
Thursday afternoon is the most common day off in towns like Curepipe, Rose-Hill and Quatre Bornes, but you should check directly with the locals.

Chemists open from 08.30 to 18.00/19.00 Monday to Saturday with one or two emergency chemists open on Sundays (ask your hotel or check in the papers).
As they are included in the bills, it is at the customer's discretion. On the other hand, airport porters will charge at least Rs 10. if you require their service.
Night and Day
In Mauritius, the sun sets at 18.00 and rises at 06.00. So if you want to enjoy your holiday fully, you will need to wake up early to watch the sun rise.
Newspaper and Magazines
The 2 main daily papers are "Le Mauricien" and "L'Express", both in French with sometimes some English articles. You will have a choice of foreign newspapers and magazines of 2 days old at some hotels and newsagents.
English is the official language of the island, administration and schools. French is the spoken language on the island and in the papers. Nevertheless, Mauritian people speak Creole among them and the Bhojpuri for Indian speaking.
For your daily shopping needs in towns or in principal villages, you will find small supermarkets run by Chinese people stocking a very wide variety. Also, you will find all around the island small Mauritian groceries called "tabagie".
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