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The Seychelles...

A scattering of precious islands
'A Thousand Miles from Anywhere',
The Seychelles were, General Gordon of Khartoum insisted, the setting of the original Garden of Eden.
This sublime Indian Ocean archipelago, with its 115 jewels of islands, unbroken expanses of powder white beaches lapped by azure waters and stunning verdant landscapes, awaits your discovery. Granitic or coral, each individual island is truly unique and presents its own startling different version of paradise.

With almost half its limited landmass set aside as nature reserves, one of the highest percentages of any country in the world, Seychelles remains a pristine sanctuary of legendary beauty and immense diversity.
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Denis Island | North Island
A ride around Mahé will enable you seeing tea, vanilla and cinnamon plantations (a very long day of sightseeing). The sunset cruise, which departs Victoria and lasts between two and three hours, is highly recommended. It sails north along the coast, offering a sensational view of the island.

Other island activities include excellent deep-sea fishing (wahoo, dogtooth tuna, marlin, bonito and others) and horseback riding. Anse aux Pins (just south of the airport) has a nine-hole golf course, and several hotels offer tennis. There are casinos at Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort (at Beau Vallon) and The Plantation Club (at Baie Lazare).

Our selection on Mahé
>> Plantation Club
Sainte Anne Island
The location of Sainte Anne is also excellent. Just 10 minutes boat ride from Mahé, the transfer is quick, yet you have your own private island. If you are island hopping, Sainte Anne is the perfect end to your holiday as you can benefit from the relatively short transfer to the Seychelles main airport on Mahé.

With it's pristine, beach fringed shoreline and lush tropical vegetation Sainte Anne is a perfect hideaway and nature lovers paradise.

The waters around the island teem with protected marine life (over 150 protected species) and the swimming, snorkelling and diving offer the perfect opportunity to make the most of the islands natural facilities. Motorised watersports are, of course, prohibited, to ensure preservation of the natural environment, but non motorised sports are readily available.

Our selection on Sainte Anne Island
>> Sainte Anne Resort
The main attraction on Praslin is the Vallee de Mai, home to the extremely rare coco-de-mer palms that produce the world's largest nuts they can weigh as much as 40 lb./18 kg. The nuts got their name "fruit of the sea" hundreds of years ago when they washed up on the islands. When its outer shell is removed, the nut looks amazingly like a woman's pelvis, both fore and aft, which explains the nut's status as collector's item. (The "male" part of the tree looks appropriately phallic, leading to predictable iconography to signify ladies' and mens' restrooms.)

Praslin is also home to some of the world's rarest birds, such as the black parrot, fruit pigeon and Seychelles bulbul. Take the self-guided walking trail to tour the Vallee de Mai (in the south-central part of the island), allowing at least two hours for the stroll (it can take a full half-day if you walk every trail).

Our selection on Praslin
>> Coco de Mer
>> l'Archipel
>> Paradise Sun
La Digue
La Digue, a small but spectacular granite island, is undergoing great change. It now receives cruise-ship pasengers, though most of the activity is near the dock and the one road leading from it to the old coconut plantation. The rest of the island is still quite relaxed, if there's no ship offshore, you'll find La Digue a very pleasant place.

The attractions are quite low key, you can climb to the top of the mountain in the middle of the island for spectacular views, ride bikes to secluded beaches, visit the (tiny) black paradise flycatcher reserve in hopes of seeing one of the rare birds, or tour the plantation. The giant granite boulders along some of the beaches (especially Anse Source d'Argent) are very photogenic, you may well run into a fashion shoot. Plan at least two nights. 35 mi/55 km northeast of Mahe.

Our selection on La Digue
>> La Digue Lodge
This mountainous island, so spectacular when viewed from Mahé, is a wonderful place for a hike and a view of the sunset. Granite peaks are interspersed with forests, and the whole place is enveloped in bird song and a riot of tropical color.

There are no roads on the island, which can only be reached by boat (under optimal conditions, Silhouette is a 2- to 3-hour trip from Mahe). The only hotel is the Silhouette Island Lodge. Just north of Silhouette is North Island, home to a few farmers. 20 mi/35 km northwest of Mahe.

Our selection on Silhouette Island
>> Silhouette Island Lodge
Bird Island
Bird Island, small enough to walk around in an hour, is home to an amazing number of creatures more than 2 million birds nest there. Among the species we've encountered are sooty terns, mynahs, cardinals and fairy and noddy terns. (After hearing the tremendous squawking that goes on, you'll never think of nature as peaceful again.)

Birds aren't the only draw the island lies on the edge of the Seychelles Bank (which drops nearly 6,000 ft/1,825 m), and there's excellent big-game fishing (marlin, sailfish, bonefish). This perfectly flat island is easy to reach because of its seashell/coral runway. Overnight visitors stay at the island's informal hotel, Bird Island Lodge. A resident of the hotel grounds is a tremendous 150-year-old tortoise named Esmeralda who was discovered to be male not too long ago. Most visitors will enjoy at least a one-night stay. 70 mi/115 km north of Mahe.

Our selection on Bird Island
>> Bird Island Lodge

DESROCHES is part of a huge lagoon that provides excellent diving conditions. It is the only outer island air- linked to Mahe by a 50 minute flight.

The only economically developed island in the Amirantes. It boosts both timber and coconut plantations and the copra produced here is said to be superior to any in the Seychelles archipels. Visitors come for bird watching, fishing, diving and as a base to explore the other Amirantes.

Our selection on Desroches Island
>> Desroches Island Lodge
Denis Island
Denis is home to giant land tortoises, which lay their eggs in the sand. The island is great for three or four days of relaxation, lying on the beach, snorkeling and diving around the reef and deep-sea fishing (for dogtooth tuna and bonito). 65 mi/105 km north of Mahe.

These islands are an excellent destination for yachts. There is an airstrip on Ile du Nord, and Goelette Island is a bird sanctuary. 500 m/805 km southwest of Mahe.

Our selection on Denis Island
>> Denis Island Lodge
North Island
North Island is a granitic island situated to the north east of Mahé. Long uninhabited, this stunningly beautiful island has become a protected habitat for the indigenous species of the flora and fauna of the Seychelles.
The island has four pristine beaches and an excellent marine life ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Other activities available on the island are
fly-fishing, sea kayaking and cycling around the island.

Our selection on North Island
>> North Island
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