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Unique on the web : is the most important catalogue dedicated to Mauritius. An "intelligent" catalogue that allows you to search, visit and book direct online your next holiday on the island.
  Who is ?

What will I find on ?

Who will take care of my departure and my stay ?

What is a "Booking-Option" ?

How to pay my order ?

How will I receive my ticket ?

What should we do once we have requested a wedding date ?

Do we need any injections ?

Is it necessary to register the wedding after our return ?
Who is ?

Travelinmauritius and were launched in April 2000 by our Mauritius resident company directors’, who are passionnate about the Indian Ocean and desirous to share their love for that region of the world.

The "showroom website" has slightly evolved since its creation. Encouraged by forever increasing number of visitors seduced by our concept, our website has extended its services to the one of "travel advisor".

5 major tour operators, specialised in the Indian Ocean destination, have then decided to entrust Travelinmauritius and Resamaurice with the sales of their holidays to the Indian Ocean and to put their brochures online via our websites. One of our duties also became to advise future travellers about the destination. The information given on the website is always up to date and verified on site as our team visits hotels at least once a year.

To be able to keep up with the demand, Resaplanet Ltd, set up an office in Pamplemousses (Mauritius), a call centre in Europe, and launched another website in 2001 :

A totally independant website

Of course we wanted to keep our independance towards our partners in order to keep an objective point of view on the hotels present online.

Representing each of our chosen hotels equaly has contributed to our success. It is still our policy today : no advertising sponsors are accepted on our websites. With their solid 5 years' experience, Resamaurice, Travelinmauritius and Resaseychelles have become the most complete and most specialised websites on the Indian Ocean.

Through them, we have developed an innovative job on the tourism market, the one of "info-agent" who answers the queries of future travellers wanting to obtain in-sight into the islands’ cultures whilst benefiting from the best tariffs and excellent support.

More than 3000 travellers fully satisfied

In 2004, we organised more than 500 stays to Mauritius, Rodrigues island, Réunion island and the Seychelles, representing more than 1300 holidaymakers.

We systematically send a satisfaction survey to our customers at the end of their stay in order to know their impressions.

Comments are unanimously positive and the compliments received encourage us to maintain a perfect level of service.

A new column will soon be added to our websites : traveller's feedback.

What will I find on ?

Exclusive for you, we have gathered the offers of the main 2 Tour-Operators, specialists of the island. Up to today, there are more than 100 hotels and residences offered to you to discover. Each reference is set out and described with full attention to detail.

The prices are regularly updated and the photo gallery allows you to push the door of each resort to follow the "virtual" visit one by one.

With you are at your leisure to put forward a booking-option on line 24/24h, 7 days/7. Your request and your quotation will be dealt within the next 48 hours by one of our representatives.

Finally, to complete your trip preparation, we have added a tourist guide with a variety of information, advice and handy addresses that we follow and update as often as possible.
Who will take care of my departure and my stay ?

The Tour-Operator dealing with the selected hotel will book your airline ticket and hotel voucher in Mauritius, and send your tickets to your home address.

The TO will also take care of your invoice for the whole service.

All warranty and sales conditions of our partners are on the website.
What is a "Booking-Option" ?

This is a pre-booking without any purchase obligation. You will be able to find out within 48 hours the availability of your holiday flight-hotel during your chosen period. And you will also get a precise calculation of your whole package.

As soon as the confirmation has been set, we will send you by e-mail your purchase order.
How to pay my order ?

Because you are dealing with big amount of money, we will not let you run any risk by paying via the internet. However, here are the safer ways of payment :

- Cheque payment
- Credit card payment by fax
- Bank transfer
- Postal order
- Cash on delivery
How will I receive my ticket ?

Here are the different ways of delivery depending on your selected Tour-Operator and the departure date :

- Classic or Rapid Mail (post)
- Messenger
- Airport claim
What should we do once we have requested a wedding date ?

Prepare all wedding document photocopies and send to the Tour Operator as soon as possible, no less than 12 weeks before travel. Your wedding dates will be requested at the time of the booking but cannot be confirmed before clear photocopies of all necessary documents have been sent. You should take the original documents on holiday with you as they have to be presented to the Registrar/Civil Status Office before the ceremony.

Documents needed are clear copies in English of :
- The last two pages of an ECC-type passport or first six pages of an 'original' British passport (showing place and date of issue, number, expiry date, name details and clear photograph).
- Home address(es).
- Birth certificates of bride and groom, and where required or relevant Decree Absolute if either person is divorced, death certificate of deceased spouse, statuory declaration of name change by deed poll, adoption certificate.
- The wedding questionnaire of the tour-operator.
- Occupations of bride and groom.

Mauritius - Important note: A divorcee or widow remarrying in Mauritius must take a pregnancy test on the island (or bring a recent certificate from their doctor proving a negative test) if remarrying within 300 days of previous marriage.
Do we need any injections ?

Is it necessary to register the wedding after our return ?

British citizens are not required to do so. Non-British citizens should check with their appropriate embassy.
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